I began my herd with a few commercial cows in1982. They were bred to a very hard calving exotic bull and the following spring was a wreck. I went looking for an easy calving bull and came home with a Red Angus bull and 6 cow/calf pairs from Gordon Bystrom's Savannah Red Angus. By the fall time the calves were heavy enough to almost pay my bank loan on the cows. I was impressed and hooked on Red  Angus, and the following year I bought older cows with heifer calves from Six Mile and Blue Spruce to build my foundation herd.                                                                                                                                                   Over the next few years I used AI to access genetics I couldn't afford to own. I made a few mistakes along the way, but by being diligent about using lower birth rate bulls with good growth and milk I was able to breed heifers and cows to the same bulls. This allowed me to stack sires such as Current Value, Rambo 502, Kilowatt and Robin Hood as well a few good Black Angus bulls to create my own outcross breeding. By the early 1990's the herd was really starting to perform well and for a few years I marketed my bulls through the Lethbridge Sale with Blue Spruce and Wild Rose Angus. But I was a single parent working 12 hr shifts and finding it very hard to calve in the January-March time slot, so when Mogens and Alan Sander talked to me about discontinuing the Lethbridge Sale and concentrating on their Sangudo Sale, I actually felt relieved and moved calving back into the April-May period. I ran the herd as a commercial operation from 1995 until I retired from my "paying job" in 2009 and decided to give my old girls a chance to pass on their genetics.                     I knew we didn't have enough "old gals" left to build a viable herd any time soon, so we added a few cows from Olson's Ole Farms as well as a herd bull, Red Ole Cherokee Cnyn 223T. He caught my attention because of his great EPD's and strong maternal cow family. The calves by him are all uniform and look good. The heifers average BW was 74 and his bull calves were 81, with lots of growth and muscle. In the fall of 2009, while looking for a loader tractor, I found a herd of 18 Allavon / Blue Spruce bred cows. These cows were bred to Lorenz Future Direction 34U and I am very impressed with the black / RC calves he left behind.  We also added heifers from Get-a-Long, Ter-Ron and Willow Creek as well as another "old gal" from the Circle G dispersal.
            This past spring we AI' d all of the cows to Real Deal,  Mile Winchester, Basin EXT, or WHS Limelight ( A black bull with low birth weight and great EPD's ) as well as a couple to Hobo. Our heifers were bred to either Winchester or Robin Hood. We are very excited about the prospects, and look forward to 2013, but then it's the same every year at calving time. That first calf to hit the ground is what we all live and work for.
            If we have  made you curious about our cows, take a look at them, check their pedigrees, read their EPD's and look at their calves EPD's as well, or stop by for a visit. Coffee is always on for me, and the kettle is usually hot for Eileen's tea. Thank you for taking the time to read this and getting to know a little about us.We look forward to meeting each of you.

                                            Thanks again,  Eileen and Tom
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